Medical Record Summaries

MLE strictly requires all its degreed nurse paralegals have more than 10 years of general nursing background. 

MLE provides extensive training on its custom developed MedSum program, and along with the highest level of quality control, provides seamless summaries even if more than one nurse paralegal performs the work. 

MLE’s advanced technology provides laymen’s terms for medical terminology.

MLE’s custom MedSum program and nurse paralegals provide you with a summarized chronology of each medical facility, provider, test results, related and non-related costs. 

MLE provides a full chronology of all medical records summarized to give you a complete clear and concise medical history.

MLE will take you one step closer to taking control of your medical records by providing you with a narrative summary prepared by its experienced nurse paralegal.  Our narrative summaries are often utilized as a client status letter or case status report for Work-in-Progress meetings.


Your medical record summaries are delivered in high quality 3 ring binders and electronic formats.  MLE provides all numbered tabs and updated table of contents as your records are summarized.


· You are billed for only those hours actually spent summarizing—no set up fees are charged
· You receive a billable hour summary that is easily transferable to your firm billing program
· Your nurse paralegal is available to you when you are available
· Your nurse paralegal will personally alert you to inconsistencies found
· Your nurse paralegal will provide you with a list of recommendations such as ordering the records of facility or provider that may provide treatment of a pre-existing condition
· Your medical record summaries assist you in deposition, mediation and even trial when it is imperative to retrieve exhibits and evidence in a timely fashion
· MLE provides all summaries in Microsoft Word and are easily emailed to you or your staff.