January 28, 2014

Medical Legal Expertise (MLE) based in the Texas Medical Center provides Nurse Paralegals for Medical Record Summaries.  MLE is a nurse legal consultant service providing the highest quality medical record summary in the legal industry.   
MLE prides itself with the ability to locate the finest qualified medical experts from peer review to trial.

A combined partnership with more than 90 years experience in both the medical and legal fields, MLE has provided nurse paralegal consultants and medical experts since 1995. 

Insurance adjusters, paralegals, law clerks, and firm associates required to summarize medical records do so at a disadvantage because most have no medical background.  The hours spent on summarizing medical records could be spent on other pressing matters related to the claim or case. 

MLE is part of your team.  Our nurse paralegals work through and with your office to eliminate medical record summaries from your busy staff.

With MLE’s exploitation of technology and the development of MLE’s proprietary MedSum program, the hours a professional nurse paralegal spends summarizing medical records is a cost effective solution when considering the bottom-line.

MLE prides itself on turning a stack of medical records into a seamless chronology of the injured’s medical history.

MLE provides Nurse Paralegals for Medical Record Summaries.

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When choosing your medical record summary service, compare MLE’s commitment to your case needs by asking if other services provide

· More than 1 or 2 legal nurse consultants (LNC) available at all times

· LNC for collaboration with adjuster, attorney or paralegal throughout the case

· Custom MedSum software that streamlines data input and auto-generates concise, summaries

· Expedited turnaround when needed—at no extra charge

· Guaranteed favorable Return on Investment